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Risky Roadz 0121 Promo Poster

Risky Roadz 0121 is an Amazon Music documentary of the Birmingham grime scene. 

"Legendary grime filmmaker Risky Roadz returns after a fifteen year hiatus to tell Birmingham's side of the story, with the help of Mist, Lady Leshurr, Jaykae and more of the city's biggest artists and vital, behind the scenes players."


I worked with director Toby Robson and performed sound editing; sound design; and mixing for the project.


Audio Network production music album collaboration with uber-producer Marc Burrows.


A fusion of Electronica and Far East Asian melodies and instrumentation. Featuring traditional woodwind by Max Benjamin Gittings and ethnic guitars by Glenn Sharp.


Sample pack released by Loopmasters featuring woodwind from around the World including Fujara; Bass Flute; Native American Flutes, Mizwad, Bamboo Flutes and Whistles.


Woodwind played by Max Benjamin Gittings.

"From the mountains of South America to the deserts of North Africa and the valleys of Eastern Europe to the plains of North America comes this vast collection of enchanting and unique sounds, encompassing traditional and modern musical influences, and using an exotic array of flutes, pipes and woodwind instruments from across the globe!"

Composition for Cyber security e-learning drama by KnowBe4. With dark synths, epic percussion and live strings culminating in a feature length orchestral / electronic hybrid score.

Beds: Middle Eastern is a 10 track album with collaborations from composer Glenn Sharp; guitarist Aaron Hoey; violinist Ben Weedon and ethnic woodwind specialist Max Gittings published by Bibliotheque.

The album is a mix of positive string lead instrumentals and moody percussion and guitar based soundtrack.

Featuring vocalist Mina Minnai,

Album collaboration with Ethnic woodwind specialist Max Benjamin Gittings. Released by Audio Network June 2021 and draws upon South East Asian traditional instrumentation and melodies.

Baladi Nights.jpg

Published by Audio Network - a Middle Eastern fusion style with live strings recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Three of the tracks were collaborations with composer Glenn Sharp who also played Oud on the Album. 


Aggressive futuristic break beat album with modern synths and hard hitting melody top lines published by Gargantuan.


Sample pack released by Loopmasters featuring woodwind from China including Bawu; Dizi and Hulusi. Woodwind played by Max Benjamin Gittings.


Sync placements


Trailers and Advertising

Composition Porsche Panamera Advert

Sound Design BBC Xmas Idents

Re-record British Bake off Trailer

Composition Nissan Infiniti Launch Trailer

Composition M&Ms Advert

Re-record Children in Need Promo

Composition Morrisons Advert

Composition Little Boy Blue Trailer

Composition Eastenders Promo

Composition The Iron Giant Remaster Trailer

Composition Barclays Mobile Banking Advert

Composition Alior Bank Advert


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