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To complement our bespoke work we have a large library of music specifically written for use in media and synching. Our music is published through various companies such as Felt Music and Audio Network and continues to be used on BBC, ITV, C4, C5 and SKY network programming as well as internationally.

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Our music has been used by:

The ONE Show

Bang Goes the Theory

The Apprentice

The Voice

60/90 Minutes Around the World

Sky News

Sky Arts Awards 2014

Britains Best Bakery



Supersize Vs Superskinny

Secret Eaters

Location Location Location


recent projects

Both Children in Need and Morrisons are adverts that required composition or arrangement to picture.

CiN is a re-record of T.Rex 'Bang a gong' and required carefull matching of the original guitar, drum and vocal sounds. The piece also had to be faster whilst matching the feel of the original. The Morrisons commercial was a fast turn around brief with a live brass TV show sound that was shown across the UK nationwide.

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Email us: contact(at)


Check out this re-record of Bang a Gong we did for the Children in Need trailers.

Posted by Manike Music on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Children In Need, Advert, BBC, Rerecord

Alior Bank, Advert, Composition

Morrisons, Advert, Composition

Barcalys Mobile, Advert, Composition

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